Cryptographic solutions are our only focus

Providing Cryptographic solutions to enable your business while ensuring the highest level of protection for sensitive customer and business information.


It's not about the tools, it's about the fundamentals.
IOT Encryption & Key Injection

With extensive experience securing IOT devices in the Health Care, Financial and Smart Meter industries, we can ensure the most efficient and secure deployments possible.

PKI Design & Architecture

Wether it's an on-premise private hierarchy, remotely hosted PKI service or simply selecting the appropriate public vendor, we can help

Key Management & Automation

Deploying cryptographic services is just the beginning. Building proper Key Life-Cycle management and auto-provisioning is where the complexity begins.

HSM Based Encryption Services

As one of the premier HSM service providers in the market we utilize our vast knowledge designing complex deployments, to ensure you get it right the first time.

Cloud Encryption Services

Deploying cryptographic services utilizing cloud platforms requires a unique approach due to the hostile nature of these shared platforms. Let us help.

Policy & Compliance Services

Policy and Compliance documentation is often overlooked or incomplete. Wether its a CP/CPS, SOP or an entire Organizational security policy, nTropy leverages decades of experience to ensure you're covered.


Instant OCSP

Coming soon...


Experience is our advantage.

Steven Rosonina Founder

As a practicing Cryptographic Engineer, Architect and now Entrepreneur, Steven began his career with the Verisign professional services organization in 2001. During that time, he assisted both US based and International organizations designing complex Cryptographic services to enable their business and Compliance objectives. Steven specialized in the integration of Digital Certificates to enable Authentication, Access Control and Data Encryption. Currently, Steven spends the majority of his time building Secure payment platforms and services with the worlds largest FinTech and traditional financial institutions. This includes securing Data-in-Transit and Key Injection. When not actively engaged with customers, Steven assists in vetting technology companies for VC and Investments firms as they analyze future opportunities.

Charles Grochowski Founder

Charles has over 20 years of experience working in applied cryptography. As a senior member of the original VeriSign professional services organization Charlie designed and implemented PKI and related cryptographic systems for clients including the Fortune Global 50, US Federal Agencies, and foreign governments. Charlie specializes in helping clients with enterprise-scale, strategic initiatives including the integration of digital certificates (authentication, code signing, encryption, digital signature, etc.), data protection (encryption/tokenization), key injection (including IoT), and key management. Customers in highly regulated industries under rigorous compliance scrutiny (e.g.; financial, healthcare) rely on Charlie to help define strategic vision and implement programs based on industry standards and best practices.


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